L’Oreal Colorista Review


I heard so many people raving about these L’Oreal Colorista’s. There were ad’s all over YouTube saying how fantastic these wash out hair colours where, and I have always wanted pink hair so I thought that I might as well give it a go!


In Superdrug they are 3-for-2 so I went for all the possible pink shades. I decided to use the Peach first and use it Ombre as I didn’t think I would have had enough for my full head. I probably would have had enough as I had enough to do my hair twice with it but I loved the ombre look.


When applying it it’s so easy, you just put it on your dry hair and leave for 20 minutes. Creating a gradient ombre wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be either and it didn’t turn out blocky or to harsh. However when I washed it out it is definitely more of a pink than a peach, I was hoping for an Apricot colour like it shows on the box but the colour is beautiful non-the-less.DSC_0644-01

When it comes to washing out the tube says it lasts from ‘2-3 washes’, I only washed mine once as it was as good as gone so I had to use the rest of the mixture, but maybe that’s because I didn’t use the whole bottle. This colour is very subtle also, so i’m excited to see how long the ‘Dirty Pink’ lasts in my hair.


The price point for these is slightly steep considering they do wash out pretty quickly so £7 each might not seem worth it, but they do work really well and the 3-for-2 offer definitely makes it more worth it! After using the pink’s i’m really tempted to try out the rest of the pastel colours, for someone who is so scared of trying anything on their hair I would definitely recommend these as they wash out perfectly fine and honestly they make your hair feel super soft!


It is worth noting that obviously my hair has been lightened and is a very light blonde, so these colours may not take as well on darker hairs so reading the box is very important to make sure you don’t waste your money.
However I would honestly recommend trying these out for a little change in your hair if you’re feeling bored as they are fun and look really cool! Comment your thoughts below if you have tried these, I can’t wait to try the other colours!

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