Mini Makeup Haul – NYX and L’Oreal

So living in Hull as you can imagine comes with little perks, but recently we have finally got a NYX counter in Boots so I had to go run and grab a few items. I am very reluctant to buy makeup online because I love to use testers and make my own judgement of the product.

I set out to just buy one lip product and ended up with quite a lot more. On my way to the counter I also saw the 3 for 2 on L’Oreal products so being the person I am I disregarded my bank account and ended up buying more makeup!


Firstly from L’Oreal I decided to buy the Infallible Total Cover foundation. I am a fan of the original Infallible foundation so decided to give this a try as I have heard so many great reviews on it and it definitely didn’t disappoint! I will post a full review on it later but just know it is definitely worth the money.

I also decided to give the True Match another try, I know a lot of people love this but when I tried it around a year ago I didn’t really like it and honestly i’m not the biggest fan of it now. I personally think it looks very powdery on the face and for some reason it just doesn’t stay on my nose, please let me know your thoughts on this foundation below if you have tried it out.

Lastly, on a whim I decided to buy the True Match illuminator and wow is all I can say. If you follow my instagram (fallon_rachelle) you will know how much I love this product. I am big on highlighter so anything that really helps give you that amazing glow I am allll for it. Stay tuned for a full review on this also!


Moving onto the reason I was in Boots in the first place, NYX. I have tried a couple of their products in the past (mostly lip products) but have been very skeptical to try anything major as I like to just see things in person.

I have heard so many amazing thing about the Dewy Finish setting spray and was lucky to find one left hidden away between the primers so I had to grab it! I also decided to buy a colour corrector, I suffer with dark circles really bad so I bought the orange one hoping it would help tone them down a bit.

Other than those boring bits I also bought a the High Definition blush, I surprisingly have never tried an orange blush before and this one just stood out to me. It’s in the colour ‘Coraline’ and it is soooo gorgeous. It looks perfect with very warm toned golden makeup look, how am I ever going to go back to pinks?


As for lips I had to buy the Soft Matte lip cream as I love the consistency of them. Because the counter is so new I was very limited with the choice of colour as a lot of them were sold out, but I ended up buying Stockholme accidentally thinking I was buying Cairo. It is still a very pretty colour, a coral/peach which goes perfectly with the blush.

The counter in Hull has been sold out of Lingerie Liquid Lipstick since the day of release so I had no chance, however whilst in Leeds on Tuesday I decided to go grab one from their Boot’s and decided on the colour Corset. As much as I prefer the formula of the Soft Matte Lip Cream I have wore Corset every day since. It is the most perfect nude ever. It is very cool/grey toned as opposed to peach and I am completely in love with it, it goes so well with my olive toned skin.20170223732361860

Whilst I was on a streak with the products I also decided to get some eye pencils because they where just staring me in the eye and I couldn’t say no. I find it so hard to find pigmented shimmer shadows so decided to give these a go, however I wouldn’t really recommend them.

They are so deceiving, they are so smooth to swatch but do not apply to the eye anywhere near as well. Blending them out is also the hardest job ever and just isn’t worth it. These two products are the only thing’s i’m really gutted about spending my money on in this whole haul, as well as the True Match foundation.

Thank you so much for reading, please comment below your thoughts on these products if you have tried them.

After pondering what to put in my give away I think i’m going to a NYX giveaway because everyone loves them and now I can finally go to a counter and buy some! So make sure you’re following my blog to be in with a chance of winning some NYX goodies! Stay tuned for more posts. X


4 thoughts on “Mini Makeup Haul – NYX and L’Oreal

  1. estaylorblog says:

    I bought the True Match foundation and I had the same problem!! It didn’t stay on my nose at all and was so powdery on some parts of my face. I took it all off straight away and went back to me usual foundation!


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