M.O.T.D – Winter Coppers

After receiving many eye-shadow palettes for Christmas I decided to try experimenting with my makeup a little bit more. Straying away from the nude lip and subtle shadow I managed to create a copper look. I always find it such a pointless task spending time on my eyeshadow as I have such little lid space and honestly it’s very underwhelming once its finished. However, lets get into how I created this subtle smoky-eye.

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I used both of my Urban Decay palettes for this look, the Ultimate Basics and Naked 3. I firstly picked up my Ultimate Basic’s palette and blended the shade FaithΒ (a warm but subtle brown) into my crease for definition then built it up with my favourite shade Extra-Bitter (a matte copper/red) to add extra warmth and help create more of a smoky look, I focused this on the outer and inner corner of my eye and left a small amount of lid free for the shimmer.

Once I felt happy with the matte shades I primed the centre of my eye and packed on the shimmer in the colour Trick from my Naked 3 palette (my absolute favourite colour ever). I then added a little bit of Extra Bitter under my eyes and finished it off with some black mascara. I decided against any liner for this look as I didn’t really want to take the attention away from the eyeshadow that believe it or not took me about half an hour, see what I mean about underwhelming?
On the lips I used my favourite Kylie Lip Kit shade in Ginger to keep with the warm-tones and the look is finished!

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