Makeup Revolution Ultra Cream Contour Review


The festive season is upon us guys.


After months and months of sticking with my trusty powder contour I really felt inspired to switch it up and try something new. Whilst watching one of my fave Youtuber/Blogger’s Sarah Ashcroft I decided to give the Makeup Revolution Cream Contour palette a try after many high praises. I have only ever used one cream palette before and absolutely hated it, then this one got introduced to me and now my life has changed forever.

This is only £8 from Superdrug so whether it was good or bad I couldn’t really complain because it is so cheap. Initially opening it up there are 4 contour shades and 4 highlight shades, all dependent on your skin tone. I will say this palette is definitely for people with lighter skin-tones as the contour shades aren’t very dark at all. I used the very first shade and the third. The consistency of the cream is divine. It is so creamy which makes it so blend-able, which is obviously essential to creating an amazing cream contour. This doesn’t look muddy or streaky which was one of my biggest worries. It sits perfectly below your cheek bones and looks absolutely flawless.

The light shades are also as amazing in consistency, they blend brilliantly and sit well on top on my foundation. However the absolute star of this show is the highlighting cream, wooooowwwww! The very last cream on the top of the palette is a highlighter, with a sheen finish and shimmers inside it I couldn’t be more in love. I found this perfect for highlighting my inner eye, cupids bow and eyebrow bone. This add’s the perfect amount of shimmer and still looks natural.
When applying the highlight to my cheek bones I did struggle slightly with blending it but once I set it with an additional powder highlighter it looks fantastic and actually made the powder highlighter even stronger.

Out of 10 I would literally give this a 9, the only reason I wouldn’t give it a 10 is because of the limited amount of shades. If this was available for darker skinned people it would be an absolute 10/10, I couldn’t praise it more. It feels so light on your skin and not cakey at all! Comment below your thoughts on this product and suggest your favourite contour kits!


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