Colour Freedom Hair Toning Review

Whilst being blonde I have tried many many things to help me with maintaining it platinum and it was all going relatively well until I dyed my roots myself at home. I had yellow and white and it was a bit of a mess really, so when the toner from Sally’s didnt work I decided to try this as I had heard so many raving reviews. I was sooooo disappointed.

As you can see from the photo’s below my hair before was actually not that bad apart from my roots which were darker and more yellow than the rest. This is a toning conditioner and is supposed to create a white-blonde tone to your hair. When you apply it it comes out blue, its a toner, this is normal. So I applied it all over (mistake) and waited for half an hour. It took to some parts really quick and looked really blue whilst others still looked the same. I thought nothing of it until I washed it off and parts of my hair where still blue.

The worst part of all of this is it didn’t even tone my roots, so whilst they stayed brassy the front of my hair turned blue. So my overall verdict of this product is – awful. It probably would work for people with even hair, but I wouldn’t risk it anyway.



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