Trend Talk – Leopard Print

So Autumn/Winter is officially here, the pumpkin spice latte’s are back (yaaas!) and it’s now acceptable to spend your whole months wages on the best knitwear and little booties. Trend’s come and go as the seasons change, many don’t stay for more than a year but my favourite are always the ones you don’t expect to make a comeback. For me, I never dreamt I would be lusting over so many leopard print items. I always associated it with being tacky, but the old-fave is back in fashion this season and honestly storming its way through the high-street. I have put together a list of my Top 5 picks of pure Leopard-goodness from high-street stores.

1)Β The Leopard Ruffle Dress.
I saw this dress in Topshop’s window about a month-or-so ago and literally nearly died. It had to be top of my list because I have never lusted over something so flipping hard before. It was love at first sight for me. It is so statement, the high neck and long sleeves make this an absolute perfect A/W piece, I would style this with a cute pair of black ankle boots and a biker jacket.lep1

2) The Leopard Biker Jacket
THIS. JACKET. When I saw it in the window of Zara I just knew how much of a trend this print was going to be, I have seen so many people with this jacket and I love it. This just takes the basic biker jacket and makes it so much less basic. With an all black outfit this would be an absolute perfect statement piece to add some fun to the outfit, I also think it would look absolutely amazing styled with burgundy for a real autumnal vibe!


3) The Leopard Loafer
Topshop is the queen of all leopard print at the moment lets be honest, no ones really bringing it like Topshop. Straying away from the usual browns and Β blacks these red leopard loafers are just everything and more. With the whole 90’s trend loafers are so on trend, especially with the Gucci reviving the shoe. Matching the shoe with a red lip would look absolutely beyond everything! These would look amazing with a pair of black skinnies or even some black cigarette pants which I have also seen creeping into stores recently.lep24)The Leopard Boot
Everyone needs a good few pairs of boots for the colder months, and sock boots seem to be the style everyone is going for these days – thanks Yeezy. I actually love the fit of this style of boots, especially with some skinny jeans. The block heel on this boot just add’s to the overall dreamy-ness and is definitely an amazing piece to replace your full black ankle-boots this A/W.

5)The Subtle Leopard
So as much as I love leopard print at this moment of time there is so denying it is a bit in-your-face and some people just don’t want that type of statement in the wardrobe. This coat on ASOS is the absolute perfect balance of statement and basic. The long-line wool coat has continued to come back every winter for a good few years now and I think this is one of the best I have seen so far. I think it looks very River Island (who is the reigning queen of wool coats – lets be real) and very sophisticated. Blush pink was the trend this Spring/Summer and this coat carries it on throughout the rest of the year, I absolutely love it!lep4

Thank you so much for reading guys, leave comments down below on your thoughts on leopard print! Also what are you most excited about this Autumn/Winter?!

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