Mini NYX Lipstick Haul/Review


Wicked Lippie – Wrath / Lingerie Liquid Lipstick – Embellishment / Aqua Luxe Lipgloss – Beat Goes On

dsc_0567-011So as I mentioned in a previous post I was on my way to putting up a NYX Lip-product review before things got in the way and postponed it however here it is! I was actually only going to buy a few of the soft-matte lip cremes however I was side-tracked ending up buying something different. I purchased one of the Wicked Lippies, an amazing vibrant mettalic range. A Lingerie Liquid Lipstick which I have been hearing people rave about forever and an Aqua Luxe Lipgloss (which I was absolutely dying to use).dsc_0570-01dsc_0600-01

The Wicked Lippies are a range of vibrant blues and greens that you wouldn’t usually see in a lipstick range. However I knew I wouldn’t be able to pull off those colours so I decided to go for Wrath, a coppery-red that reminded me of Kylie Cosmetics – Reign.
Considering this isn’t a matte the longevity of this lipstick is impressive! Although a little less metallic than I was hoping for and slightly more sheen it is still such a beautiful colour. Because it’s not a matte shade layering it to create a bit more colour is fine and doesn’t look patchy, this particular shade is slightly more orange than Reign but still an amaaaaazing dupe for it and sits a lot more comfortable on the lips than the actual Kylie Cosmetics Metal shades. I really would love the Wicked Lippie range to come out with more pink colours that have an everyday wear-ability to them.
Rate – 9/10


I’m pretty sure everyone knows about the NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick range by now and I was absolutely dying to get my hands on one. Here’s a bit of information, I didn’t do my research and accidentally ordered a shade that I really don’t like. I can admit purple isn’t my colour, it’s not a shade I would wear everyday and I was mostly looking forward to finally having an amazing everyday nude – jokes on me. However, this product is still really really good. Disregarding the colour completely – this stays on for as long as you want it to. It is really tough to remove but aren’t all liquid lipsticks?  It barely settles in the creases of your lips and gives a lovely airbrushed look. Once settled and dried it does feel comfortable on your lips for a while although as expected it gradually dries more throughout the day. The one thing I dislike about this product is the initial application, the brush (an absolute joke) is so hard to work with. What happened to a normal doe-foot applicator? Its so long and you have no control as to where you’re putting it. It takes a lot more effort than I would like to get a neat application. The formula is also very sticky during the first 3-or-so minutes so try not to close your mouth!
Rate – 7.5/10 (8 in a better colour)


The final product is my absolute favourite the Aqua Luxe Lipgloss, this product screams mermaid vibes. It is just a normal gloss infused with glitter that just adds all the sass you could possibly want! I am a gloss fan which is rare these days with the matte-lip craze and this colour is amazing. It’s just a nude pink gloss absolutely packed with gold glitter, which you can’t really see through the picture but just glimmers in the sun light. I always wear this with a light pink liner underneath just to add a bit more a pink. The applicator for this is absolutely fine, the only thing is the amount of time it lasts for is significantly less than that of the other two products. But its a lip gloss so what could I actually expect? It’s small enough to just pop in any size handbag no matter how small and re-apply throughout the day when needed. I personally love this product so much and will definitely be repurchasing it in every colour!
Rate – 9.5/10


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