My 3 Favourite go-to breakfasts

Porridge with Banana, Berries, Honey and Black Coffee.

My all time favourite breakfast is porridge, I have it 5/7 mornings in the week. There are so many different things you can add to your taste to make it just how you want it. My absolute favourite thing to put in porridge is banana and some form of berry. I absolutely love porridge as it gives you a slow release of energy throughout the morning so it is perfect for an early start.
The banana is so sweet which means you don’t have to put any sugar in which is a bonus. The berries are obviously a preference but my favourite are raspberries or blueberries. Lastly I drizzle a little bit of honey over the top and serve it with my morning coffee. Recently I have been loving black coffee, its the perfect drink to give you a bit of energy in the morning.


Avocado&Scrambled Egg on Toast with Peppermint Green Tea

Avocado has become an absolute favourite of mine, throughout my holiday in Lanzarote avocado’s were less than 1 euro each so I had it every day for breakfast. I usually mush it up and make it into a spread to put on top of my toast or some times I just like to cut it into chunks. Scrambled eggs also go amazing with avocado, some people like poached however I prefer scrambled.
This is perfect for a dinner or brunch meal also, with an addition of green tea this is so good for you and tastes amazing. I personally prefer to buy the Green Tea infused with Peppermint as I found myself adding sugar to normal green tea, which kind of defeats the point of drinking it.


Nutella&Peanut Butter Waffles with Banana, Cherry and a Cup of Tea

My cupboards are always just stacked with waffles because I am a terribly unhealthy and just love them. Whenever I feel like I need something sweet I always always reach for the Nutella, my absolute favourite thing in the world. I love warming up the waffles and melting the Nutella and peanut butter on top (crunchy of course). Banana’s are also my favourite fruit (as you can probably tell) so I just add them to anything I possibly can, and i’m not gonna lie I just added the cherries for the picture, but they tasted good so who cares! Tea is my favourite hot drink in the world, my personal fave brand is Yorkshire Tea – it will never be beaten.


Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed this post. I haven’t done a food post for a while and I was very excited about posting this. Comment below your favourite breakfasts and don’t forget to follow my blog for regular updates!


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