[REVIEW] Makeup Revolution – Fortune Favours The Brave


Hello there guys! I feel like I haven’t done a review for a while, with saving up for my holiday I was being extremely frugal the past few months but now I can finally treat myself again. I have been craving a new eyeshadow palette for SO LONG so I decided I just had to buy this new Makeup Revolution palette seeing as though everyone is completely raving about it.

So, lets get in to it. Firstly, the packaging is lovely. For £10 it looks so much more expensive! The casing is gold and it comes with a nice big mirror on the top of it, which is always a plus. The eyeshadows their self look like an absolute dream. The mixed coloured shimmers remind me of outer space and I just love the look of it. Basically it just looks a lot more expensive than it actually is.

The first thing I did was swatch them on my arm, and that was where my first disappointment was. Everyone was raving about the pigmentation of this palette, but where is the pigmentation that was oh so amazing? Some of them are more pigmented than others, as you can see in below swatches the black is super intense, and a few of the shimmers do pick up well (especially the bronze shimmers). However I will not hold back when I describe the matte’s as awful.

I bought a Makeup Revolution palette around Xmas with 144 colours in it and I could not have been happier with the quality, it was only £8 on sale! This one is just not what I expected. The mattes really take a lot of working with to actually create any type of colour on your eye. The shimmers are lovely but as with the whole palette they are extremely powdery. Each eye shadow puts more on your face than on the eye, the fall out is insane!

In terms of blend-ability, they are very blendable with the correct brushes, so I suppose that is a plus. The darker shades are a lot better than the lighter ones, creating a smoky eye with this palette would work well if you don’t mind a pile of fall out on your under-eye.


As you can see the pigmentation just isn’t there, each colour was swatched at least twice and there just is no vibrancy. The range of colours is lovely and it looks amazing in photo’s, but the product is just not good. I am such a fan of makeup revolution, I love their highlighters and contour palettes but I feel like people are just hyping it for the sake of it now. This product is bad, I won’t be repurchasing it and i’m not sure if I will ever repurchase an eyeshadow palette from this brand again.

I am just shocked by the decrease in quality from my previous purchase, this was the fastest selling product the brand has ever released and I am thoroughly underwhelmed. I wish I liked it, but I just don’t. I will continue to use it but only to get my money’s worth.

Thankyou for reading, I feel like this was actually quite a downer of a post. However I actually felt like I needed to post a contrasting review from all the praises! Comment down below your opinion on this palette if you have it or any other M.R. products and please don’t forget to follow me for other reviews (I have a lot lined up) and styling posts. X


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