Exploring Playa Blanca


From where i’m staying the beach is only a short 10 minute walk away, although it seems quite unbearable in the heat. The sand is completely golden (yet to hot to stand on) and I have never seen a bluer sea. Small fish swim across you even in the shallower parts of the sea and I will admit I kind of freaked out when I saw one the size of my forearm. Running across the both sides of the beach were large rocks that you could walk on until you reached the end. I got half way and had to go back because i’m really not the rock climbing type.

Walking a bit further on there was a set of stairs that went down to a rocky cove with small pools of water. The waves where really running towards the rocks really hard and splashed against them with more force than they were on the beach. Me and my sister then went back up the stairs to buy an ice cream each – coconut and banana for me and ‘candy balls’ and raspberry for her – then slowly made our way back to the beach where we relaxed for a while before going back to the apartment.

Comment below your thoughts on this post and other Lanzarote based posts, I have a few in mind for the coming week but I would love to hear your suggestions. Thanks for reading and please don’t forget to follow to keep updated with my other posts xtumblr_oa7lyvMTwf1tcxrzko1_1280tumblr_oa7lyvMTwf1tcxrzko3_1280tumblr_oa7lm1WZcT1tcxrzko10_1280tumblr_oa7lyvMTwf1tcxrzko6_1280tumblr_oa7lm1WZcT1tcxrzko8_1280tumblr_oa7lyvMTwf1tcxrzko4_1280DSC_0176tumblr_oa7lyvMTwf1tcxrzko2_1280tumblr_oa7lyvMTwf1tcxrzko5_1280tumblr_oa7lyvMTwf1tcxrzko7_1280DSC_0110


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