Velvet Embellishment


Hellooooo, I am so happy to be doing another outfit post on my blog! Recently I have been feeling so uninspired, quite sick of doing little “review posts” and basically just posting anything I can. I really want to take my time and create some amazing posts for this blog and not just post little fob-off’s for the sake of it. I originally created this blog for styling photo’s and fashion posts so that is what i’m going to be centring it around for the most parts.

So basically this post is a giant charity shop appreciation post, because almost everything I am wearing is actually from a charity shop. I went on a giant trail around Hull a few days ago and visited around 15 minimum charity shops. I just love going through the rails to find some little hidden gem’s amongst the rest of the stuff that looks like its come from 2003 Britney Spears closet.

The top I am wearing I fell in love at first sight with. Originally from Dorothy Perkins the cream 3/4 sleeve blouse is literally a dream. I love the victorian-esque detailing it has, especially the lace down the front panel and on the shoulders. The ruffled sleeves make this so flattering and it actually has the same thing on the bottom of the top, but I decided to tuck it in. I bought this for £1….yeah A POUND. One. Pound. I can’t actually believe it still. The shorts are also from an Age UK charity shop I was mooching around in Hessle Square. These were brand new from Mango, with all tags still attached showing the retail price of £39.99! They are crushed velvet and I just fell in love with the gold and red floral detailing These are a size 8 and run slightly big on me, but who can complain for a fiver? These will be absolutely perfect for every season as they look just as good without tights as they do with.

The waist coat is from Select last year, so although it wasn’t a charity shop buy it was still a bargain. I loved the length of it and it looked so much like my black duster coat, just sleeveless so it is perfect to throw on in summer for some extra layering. For shoes I wore some patent leather monk-shoes from T K Maxx which I have owned for years and are so timeless. I feel like they are an edgier alternative to the brogues or loafers and I love the pointed-toe on mine.

The bag was also a charity shop buy some time ago and I think i’ve probably featured it in a post before in winter, although its small its perfect to throw in the essentials and be done with it – car keys, phone, purse and water bottle. I lastly accessorised this outfit with a couple of rings and a dainty bracelet from Primark.

What are your thoughts on charity shops, does anyone else love finding little bargains?! Comment below if you liked this look and don’t forget to follow me, it would mean a lot! See you soon xSign


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