Kylie LipGloss Review.


I recently gave into the temptation and bought myself a Kylie Lip gloss, I don’t know what justified me to spend so much money on a lip-gloss but I did it anyway. I bought it before the global rage at the fault with the brushes, so wasn’t to surprised when I received mine and it was also faulty. From the moment I opened it the brush was a wispy mess and I have to admit I was gutted, especially when I realised how beautiful the lip gloss actually was.

I got the shade ‘Like’ which is the darkest brown, this product is extremely pigmented Β and is probably already half way to being a liquid lipstick. The consistency is so thick but actually feels lovely on your lips. However because of the thick consistency and high pigmentation it is absolutely unacceptable that the brush is wispy, as it makes it almost impossible to apply it neatly.
I personally just cut the brush with my own scissors to get rid of the wispy edges and made it a bit shorter, which helped a little but still is hard to apply. The bristles on the brush are very rough on your lips when applying and I definitely think Kylie should have stuck with a doe-foot applicator considering how much colour pay-off the lipstick has.

All in all I would rate this product a 7 out of 10, its such a beautiful product but the brush definitely lets it down a lot. I hope Kylie reconsiders the application method and switches to a doe-foot as I would definitely purchase the other two colours. Have any of you tried the Kylie lip gloss or want to?! Comment down below your thoughts on this product, worth the hype or no? Thanks for reading. x


3 thoughts on “Kylie LipGloss Review.

  1. kaiesha stewart says:

    I really want to try the new Metallics range. I’m just in a state of my head saying Yes go for it and my bank balance saying No haha.


  2. xoxokristonian says:

    I have the like gloss as well and love it. I ordered it later and have the new brush. I’m so sorry to hear about yours being all crazy. However, if you ordered it on 4/1 Kylie Cosmetics is sending out replacement glosses to everyone that ordered that day. If you didn’t order that day I would 100% contact customer service because you should be able to get a replacement gloss.

    Lovely review by the way! πŸ™‚


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