How To : Photo-Ready Makeup

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I have recently purchased some new drugstore products so I thought I would do a simple makeup tutorial on here. As you can see, my natural skin is rather discoloured in some parts and I definately have dark circles and under-eye bags which are a pain for me. However this technique of applying a base is amazing for creating a flawless finish.


Step 1 – Firstly apply the primer of your choice all over your face, then continue to apply a layer of foundation on top of that. I recently picked up the Borjois healthy mix foundation, I love the lightwear coverage it gives and it looks very natural yet flawless. Applying a good  base is key to creating the perfect finished look, I firstly like to apply a layer with a BB cream brush then perfect the finish with a Real Techniques beauty blender.

Step 2 – Concealer time! I used my two favourite concealers, the Collection Lasting Perfection and Maybelline Fit Me. I firstly applied the Lasting Perfection under my eyes in a small triangle shape (as shown below) and then lightly applied the Fit Me on my nose and cheek bones. TIP – I find leaving concealer to sit for around 30 seconds creates higher coverage for dark circles. I then proceeded to blend out the concealer with light dabbing motions with my concealer brush, I find this works a lot better than a beauty blender for me.tumblr_o5oyna42Xa1tcxrzko4_1280

Step 3 – After your concealer is blended in you will probably have a bit of shine, so it is time to set it. I used my Collection Sheer Loose Powder but any translucent loose powder will work fine. I used sparingly under my eyes and on the bridge of my nose and left it to bake into my face for around 3-5 minutes. Whilst waiting for this to set properly I lightly contoured the outline of my face. You will be surprised with the different between baking your concealer and simply setting it with powder, the finish is much more flawless and keeps creasing away!tumblr_o5oyna42Xa1tcxrzko3_1280

Step 4 – With light motions simply sweep the powder away, as you can see from the picture below the dark/puffiness in my eyes is almost unrecognisable and my skin looks almost airbrushed! I then go on to slightly deepen my contour, highlight my cheek bones – bridge of my nose – upper lip and chin. I love going crazy with highlighter, but for this look you will want your contour to look more natural. I opted for a powder contour by Collection as using a cream over setting powder will create a cakey finish. tumblr_o5oyna42Xa1tcxrzko2_1280

Step 5 – After your base is finished finish off the rest of your makeup however you want it for that day. On my lips I am wearing MAC’s Cherish and kept it simple with the False Lash Effect mascara  on my eyes.tumblr_o5oyna42Xa1tcxrzko1_1280

Try out this makeup routine and see if it works as well for you as it does for me, I suffer a lot with creating and can really see a big difference with using this technique. Comment below your thoughts and what some of your favourite techniques are. X


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