Top 5 Fave Lip Products.



  1. Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer  – Nude Eclipsetumblr_o5a62svbSy1tcxrzko5_1280.jpg
    I absolutely love nude lips, they are perfect for everyday and seem to just bring any makeup look together. My favourite nude lip product is definately the Rimmel Lip Laquer, the consistency is so thick and creamy it feels so lovely and moisturising on the lips. The colour is a very light, almost concealer-y nude, so I love lining my lips first with a brown liner to create an ombre effect.
  2. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Athens
    Once I used it I quickly fell in love with the NYX Soft Matte Lip  Cream. The colour ‘Athens’ is a very light salmony pink, it is very subtle yet beautiful and acts as an amazing peach toned everyday nude lip. For a mattefying lip cream it is extremely wearable throughout the day and comfortable on the lips.
  3. MAC Lipstick – Fast Play
    My all time favourite MAC lipstick is one that doesn’t seem to get much attention, the colour ‘fast play’ is an absolute favourite of mine. With tones of deep purple/mauve I absolutely love it. It is not mattefying and is creamy and moisturising, I absolutely obsessed over this when I first purcashed it and re-purchase it time and time again. I really don’t understand why is hasn’t got more love off beauty bloggers/MUA’s.
  4. Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Shine – Passionate
    This was a gift off my boyfriend, believe it or not I asked for a ‘nude lipstick’, how could he get it so wrong?! Although I usually stray away from lipsticks with shine, I absolutely love this one. The colour is a very eye-catching pink, so I usually wear it with my all black outfits to add a pop of colour. Honestly, this is the most beautiful formula of a lipstick I have EVER come across, so soft and moisturising on the lips. I would highly recommend the Pure Colour Envy range!
  5. Maybelline Matte Colour Sensational – Divine Wine
    Dark lipsticks aren’t usually what I go for as it is so hard for me to apply it perfectly, if only it was as easy as it looks on Youtube. Maybelline is my go-to brand for lipsticks, I absolutely love there Matte Colour Sensational range but the colour’s are definately lacking. This deep red is so beautiful and really looks amazing with all black grunge inspired outfits in the winter and autumn. I love how creamy it is despite being matte.

What are your holy grail lip products?! Comment below, thanks for reading. XO


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