March Favourites


I aren’t usually one to enjoy trying new products, I love repurchasing what I love and know works well for me. I would rather not go through the disappointment of wasting my money. However, during this month I have found love for a lot of new products, ranging from scents, body lotions and skin care.


My first love has got to be this absolutely amazing Gingerbread scent from ‘The Library of Fragrance’. I received this for Christmas from my sister and it just sat in my room not really getting used. One day when I reached for my Black Opium Β and thought I would just give my room a spritz, and I absolutely fell in love with it. This is the most amazing, cosy and homely room scent ever! It smell’s so divine, literally like a freshly baked batch of gingerbread cookies. This is so Christmassy and I can’t believe I neglected it all this time, its so warm and comforting. I love spraying my room before I leave and coming back to the amazing scent.tumblr_o4waz3PGET1tcxrzko4_1280

Another favourite of this month is a face scrub by ‘Bull Dog’, which is something I would never have thought to buy in my life. My mum purchased this for me and typically didn’t read that ‘skincare for men’ part. I thought I would give it a try anyway and oh-my-god. This stuff absolutely changed the game for me. I have tried exfoliators before and found they always leave my skin dried out and with more break-outs than before I tried it. I have only used this for the past week and I can already notice a difference in my skin. My skin is incredibly soft and all of my breakouts have basically disappeared. What’s better is this is all natural, I think this may be my #1 favourite of the month and I would absolutely recommend it.tumblr_o4waz3PGET1tcxrzko3_1280

I have always had prominent eye-bags, an absolute annoyance in my life. I finally thought it was time to just bite the bullet, stop complaining about it and try out a bloody eye-cream. I was in boots and the No7 skin care section was having a 3-for-2 so after consulting one of the workers I finally bought the Beautiful Skin Overnight Revitalising EyeBalm. At first I used it sporadically when I remembered on a night and was getting frustrated at the fact it wasn’t working. However when I got into a routine of applying it every night before bed I really started seeing differences. The puffiness I usually experienced in a morning was reduced considerably and I also feel like the purple-tones are slowly starting to be toned down. It does take time to work but I think i’m finally starting to see the difference.tumblr_o4waz3PGET1tcxrzko5_1280

My last favourite is this amaaaaaazzinng body-lotion by Baylis and Harding in the scent Midnight Fig and Pomegranate. I got this in one of my many many bath sets on Christmas and completely forgot about it as it sat on my shelf with the rest of them. One day I decided I might aswell put it to use as my Soap and Glory body lotion ran out and I am absolutely in love. The smell is amazing, its musky, fruity and just amazing. The only thing that I dislike about this is the fact I can not find it ANYWHERE as it seems to only be available in a set, which must have been released for Christmas only. When I finally run out of this I am going to be so upset and I have been loving it, I am dearly hoping they re-release this scent lotion around Christmas this year, and I will happily re-purchase 10 of them to last me through the year.


I absolutely can’t believe it APRIL, this year is already moving to fast.Β What where your favourites of the month of March? Will you be trying out any of these products? Thankyou for reading and comment below. XO


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