Lasting Perfection v Fit Me


Obviously two of the most celebrated high street concealers are the Maybelline Fit Me concealer and the Collection Lasting Perfection. I love both of these and have repurchased both multiple times, but they are definitely used for different things.
Dark Circles –
I suffer with dark circles personally and I have yet to find a concealer better than the Lasting Perfection that covers and stays put all day. I even dabbled into MAC’s Pro Longwear and still wasn’t as happy with the results. I use the colour 1, which is the lightest shade. Although very pale, it is perfect for helping highlight the under-eye and doesn’t look to mis-matched with my skin once I set it with powder.
The Fit Me however, is not that great for dark circles. The consistency is very creamy and slides on like a dream. The thing I love about this is how flawless it looks on your skin, the creamy texture acts as a highlight and works amazingly to give that airbrushed look.

Shades –
Both concealers only come in three shades, which isn’t that great. The Collection concealer goes 1,2 and 3. These are basically light, medium and dark. The light is rather white, whereas the other two are definitely orange toned, this acts great for colour correcting the blue tones under the eyes.
The Fit Me shades are 10, 15 and 20. When buying these its best to know that 10 is not the lightest shade, 15 is. 10 and 20 are yellow toned concealers and very warm, whereas 15 is lighter due to the fact it is more pink-peachy.

Overall –
These concealers are amazing and depending on what you use them for I would say they are definitely the best on the high street. I personally get more use out of the Lasting Perfection as I use a lot of it to cover my dark circles, however I always place the Fit Me underneath the lasting perfection and on my cheek bones; as it really gives a flawless air-brushed look.

Comment down below your favourite high street concealers, I would love to try some more.


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