Honest Review : Rosegal.com

Hey guys, so recently I have been going bikini crazy online trying to find some for my holiday coming up in July. On the side of my Facebook there was this one bikini constantly popping up and I really liked it, but noticed the site was a bit ‘dodgy’ to say the least. I have seen reviews on ones similar such as Choies and SheInside from other bloggers and youtubers and figured its all a bit hit or miss. I decided one day to bite the bullet, it was only £7 so if its good, thats great! If not, then it’s only £7.


I ordered this on the 28 February. Baring in mind it says on the shipping list it can take up to 25 working days, it arrived today on the 14 March; which isn’t actually that bad. I absolutely loved the aztek print on this bikini and how detailed it was. I thought if it comes looking the way it should, it would be really cute.

Comparison to the Site Photo:

When it arrived I honestly was pleasantly surprised. The pattern, as you can notice is definately toned down and not as detailed as the one on the site and its missing a few yellows/greens/oranges. Also, the ‘white’ part is noticably quite grey-ish. But from the reviews, I was expecting a lot worse. The material is a standard bikini material, onot to thin and quite comfortable to wear also.

The Fitting:tumblr_o41872tav71tcxrzko2_1280

Another thing I was apprehensive about was the sizing. As its an asian owned site (I believe?) I thought the sizing would be well off and far to small. However, I am yet again surprised. The top is a bandeau style top with a halter neck, there are so fasteners but it couldn’t fit any better. I am a small 34-A chest and a size 8 in tops, I bought a size Medium and it is true to the measurements on the site! The bottoms however, also a medium, are slightly small. They are tight on my hips and create a weird shape, I do believe a large may have been to big though. I don’t think the sizing of the bottoms will be a problem in any way as they aren’t unbearably small.

Overall Rating:  7.5/10

This site loses points for the duration of shipping, lack of detail and discolouration in the bikini. However, for the amount you pay I wouldn’t say they are that much of a big deal. The bikini is still wearable and quite nice, just like something you would buy from Primark for around the same amount of money. I would definitely say to be mindful about what you buy, if it looks to good to be true it probably is. I think I played it safe with this purchase and definitely wouldn’t spend more than £10 for the fear of wasting my money. However, I cannot complain to much from this experience.

Thanks for reading, please comment, follow and keep an eye for my poses three time’s a week. X


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