Feb Faves Playlist

So I thought it would be interesting to do my first ‘favourites’ post, with a playlist. Here I created a small playlist of 12 of my favourite songs throughout the month of February:

Rihanna –
Did you listen to Anti when it was released?! OMG, I looove the album! From ‘Work’ I knew it was going to be awesome. Kiss It Better is one of my absolute favourites, it’s quite a slow jam but so catchy. The rhythm of it makes it absolutely impossible to skip.
‘Woo’ and ‘Pose’ (only available on the deluxe edition) are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, in absolute Rihanna fashion she is just going off. Pose is probably my all time favourite Rihanna song ever, it really reminds me of BBHMM. You just feel so confident and cocky when its on and you’re just like YAAS, its the sass queen ANTHEM!

Sia –Β 
Ok. Why did it take me soooo long to listen to Sia’s album?! I am loving it so much. My personal favourite has to be Broken Glass and it sounds like a film soundtrack. Move Your Body is such a feel-good song that you can listen to and automatically be happy and just dance around the room!

Kiiara –
I first heard her song ‘Gold’ at work and was like “is this even English?”, after a few shifts it really caught on and I absolutely needed to find out what it was called. Since, I have been loving her songs. They have such a chilled vibe to them and are so easy to listen to and love!

Charts –Β 
A few songs I really loved from the charts this February where Hymn for The Weekend by Coldplay and Cake By The Ocean by DNCE. I aren’t usually a fan of all of the stuff in the charts by Sweet Lovin’ by Sigala just made me feel so excited to go on holiday this year, it had a real beach holiday vibe to it.

Take a listen to this playlist and comment below what your favourites are. Do you have any recommendations of some good songs I could maybe include in next months post?


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