Review : NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

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So the make-up world has gone slightly crazy with matte liquid lipsticks, every brand has created at least on of their own. Any of the liquid lipsticks I have tried before I haven’t loved, so I wasn’t going to be someone to go splurge on a Kylie lip-kit. However, I did think I would give them another go. I have heard so many good things about NYX lip creams.

Firstly, the variety of colour in this specific product is incredible. There are many nudes, a couple of reds and a few pinks; so you aren’t short of choice. I chose the colour “Athens” which I though was a light brown/mauve colour. When I finally put it on I did notice it was brighter than I expected, and almost looked like a salmon colour. However it could definitely still pass as a nude lipstick.

When applying it I would advice to firstly line your lips with lip-liner. The applicator is rather ‘fuzzy’ and is quite hard to get a precise line with, although not to much of a problem at all. In term’s of colour pigmentation I would say it is around a 7/10. There is a slight colour pay off in the first application, enough to be noticed. I do however find myself applying a thin layer a second time over, which can be a fatal move in liquid lipsticks. Surprisingly, I didn’t find this lip cream to crumble like other matte lipsticks., which I was very happy with.

After about 20 seconds of applying the cream you can feel it drying, which is my least favourite part. I absolutely hate the feeling of having dry lips, which kind of comes with the territory of matte lipsticks. I was surprised at how wearable this was, despite the drying of the lips. I never once found myself wanting to apply any lip balm or take off the product.

Another bonus from this lip-cream is the longevity of its wear. I applied it before uni at 8:45 and it was still firmly on my lips at 1pm. I would definitely say it dries out the longer you wear it, but that’s no deal breaker. I am still going to wear this tomorrow and can easily see this being my go-to lip product for day to day life. How have you guys found this product? I would love to try out some new liquid lipsticks, please comment down below your suggestions! Thank you so much for reading. X


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