Winter Layers

tumblr_o3l7trfost1tcxrzko8_1280tumblr_o3l7trfost1tcxrzko4_1280tumblr_o3l7trfost1tcxrzko1_1280tumblr_o3l7trfost1tcxrzko7_1280tumblr_o3l7trfost1tcxrzko3_1280tumblr_o3l7trfost1tcxrzko2_1280tumblr_o3l7trfost1tcxrzko5_1280tumblr_o3l7trfost1tcxrzko6_1280So I know its supposed to be spring, so why is it still so cold?! I am growing more and more tired at this freezing England weather as the day’s go on. Today I took a trip into Hull city center to take some things back, pay off my holiday and get a caramel macchiato from Costa.

When I made the decision to take some photo’s I was trying to decide what to wear for half an hour, forcing myself to wear my new Topshop ankle boots before deciding comfort comes first and opting for my iridescent Adidas superstars.Β 
Layering in the winter is key to comfort and warmth, it can also look pretty cool. I firstly opted for a long sleeved top and my favourite pair of grey jamie jeans from Topshop . I then threw on a plain black jumper from H&M over the top (similar here).
For my jacket I wore my knee-length black duster jacket from New Look (similar) and layered my faux-fur shabby fur gilet from (similar). As much as I try my hardest to stray away from the black’s and greys I always feel so much more comfortable when I am a plain jane.

For my bag I wore my monochromatic bag from River Island with gold detailing on the front (similar), I personally don’t actually like this bag, but I cannot find a large enough one that will fit my laptop in without snapping that I actually like. Please comment below any suggestions, I am in dire need.
My hair however was styled straight down with the front section braided into two and tied at the back with see through bands. I am loving this hairstyle so much recently, it’s so different yet add’s an edge to a plain outfit. It does hurt your arms though!

I personally love layering and think all the different items/textures help bring a dull outfit to life. Also, as you can see I have finally ventured out of my house for an outfit post. A first for me, quite embarrassing and I still haven’t perfected my “neutral look into the camera” face without looking angry! Hope you liked this post, comment below what helped you overcome the embarrassment of taking public photos?! Thanks for reading! X


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