Makeup Revolution Sculpt & Contour Review

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So after searching far and wide for the perfect contour kit I finally found one I love! I absolutely hate cream contours, they are so heavy on your face and the “highlight shades” are just yellow and crease so easily. This Makeup Revolution Sculpt and Contour Kit is only £3.50 and I am so happy with it! I actually recieved this in a Makeup Revolution gift-set around two years ago and absolutely fell in love with the highlighter, I am so glad they have finally started selling it seperately. It is available in two different tones; C01 and C04. I purchased CO1, which includes a light bronzer, a champagne coloured highlighter and a pink blush. CO4 substitutes the pink blush for a tan coloured blush and is significantly darker.

Firstly, the highlighter in this is insane. I have always loved Makeup Revolution highlighters; i’m not even ashamed to say I have never used any other brand. They always give such a beautiful glow with the smallest amount. I always get asked what highlighter I use by strangers and they can’t believe when I tell them it was only £3.50! It is obviously a very intense highlighter as you can see in my photo’s, so if that is what you’re going for I would definitely recommend it. As for the bronzer, I am equally impressed. This shade is not to dark and definitely doesn’t have no grey tones as some powder contours do. It is so blend-able and creates such a beautiful contour. It can be as subtle or as sharp as you want. The only thing I have found about this bronzer is definitely the fact is holds a slight red-tone. However, I use it everyday and love it.
Lastly, the blush. Although I don’t use this everyday when I do use it I cannot find a fault with it. It has just the right amount of pigmentation and unlike other blushers doesn’t overload your cheeks with pink! I have noticed a shimmer in the blusher also with a champagne tint, which compliments the highlighter perfectly.

All in all, I could not praise this small pallet any more. For the price I am absolutely overjoyed and urge every single person (who is interested obviously) to go and purchase it. All of the Makeup Revolution products I have tried so far have left me so pleased, I can’t wait to try out more.
What are your thoughts on this brand?
What are some of your favourite contour pallettes?
Leave your comments below! Thank you so much for reading! XO


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