Colour Freedom Hair Toning Review

Whilst being blonde I have tried many many things to help me with maintaining it platinum and it was all going relatively well until I dyed my roots myself at home. I had yellow and white and it was a bit of a mess really, so when the toner from Sally’s didnt work I decided to try this as I had heard so many raving reviews. I was sooooo disappointed.

As you can see from the photo’s below my hair before was actually not that bad apart from my roots which were darker and more yellow than the rest. This is a toning conditioner and is supposed to create a white-blonde tone to your hair. When you apply it it comes out blue, its a toner, this is normal. So I applied it all over (mistake) and waited for half an hour. It took to some parts really quick and looked really blue whilst others still looked the same. I thought nothing of it until I washed it off and parts of my hair where still blue.

The worst part of all of this is it didn’t even tone my roots, so whilst they stayed brassy the front of my hair turned blue. So my overall verdict of this product is – awful. It probably would work for people with even hair, but I wouldn’t risk it anyway.


Trend Talk – Leopard Print

So Autumn/Winter is officially here, the pumpkin spice latte’s are back (yaaas!) and it’s now acceptable to spend your whole months wages on the best knitwear and little booties. Trend’s come and go as the seasons change, many don’t stay for more than a year but my favourite are always the ones you don’t expect to make a comeback. For me, I never dreamt I would be lusting over so many leopard print items. I always associated it with being tacky, but the old-fave is back in fashion this season and honestly storming its way through the high-street. I have put together a list of my Top 5 picks of pure Leopard-goodness from high-street stores.

1) The Leopard Ruffle Dress.
I saw this dress in Topshop’s window about a month-or-so ago and literally nearly died. It had to be top of my list because I have never lusted over something so flipping hard before. It was love at first sight for me. It is so statement, the high neck and long sleeves make this an absolute perfect A/W piece, I would style this with a cute pair of black ankle boots and a biker jacket.lep1

2) The Leopard Biker Jacket
THIS. JACKET. When I saw it in the window of Zara I just knew how much of a trend this print was going to be, I have seen so many people with this jacket and I love it. This just takes the basic biker jacket and makes it so much less basic. With an all black outfit this would be an absolute perfect statement piece to add some fun to the outfit, I also think it would look absolutely amazing styled with burgundy for a real autumnal vibe!


3) The Leopard Loafer
Topshop is the queen of all leopard print at the moment lets be honest, no ones really bringing it like Topshop. Straying away from the usual browns and  blacks these red leopard loafers are just everything and more. With the whole 90’s trend loafers are so on trend, especially with the Gucci reviving the shoe. Matching the shoe with a red lip would look absolutely beyond everything! These would look amazing with a pair of black skinnies or even some black cigarette pants which I have also seen creeping into stores recently.lep24)The Leopard Boot
Everyone needs a good few pairs of boots for the colder months, and sock boots seem to be the style everyone is going for these days – thanks Yeezy. I actually love the fit of this style of boots, especially with some skinny jeans. The block heel on this boot just add’s to the overall dreamy-ness and is definitely an amazing piece to replace your full black ankle-boots this A/W.

5)The Subtle Leopard
So as much as I love leopard print at this moment of time there is so denying it is a bit in-your-face and some people just don’t want that type of statement in the wardrobe. This coat on ASOS is the absolute perfect balance of statement and basic. The long-line wool coat has continued to come back every winter for a good few years now and I think this is one of the best I have seen so far. I think it looks very River Island (who is the reigning queen of wool coats – lets be real) and very sophisticated. Blush pink was the trend this Spring/Summer and this coat carries it on throughout the rest of the year, I absolutely love it!lep4

Thank you so much for reading guys, leave comments down below on your thoughts on leopard print! Also what are you most excited about this Autumn/Winter?!

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Mini NYX Lipstick Haul/Review


Wicked Lippie – Wrath / Lingerie Liquid Lipstick – Embellishment / Aqua Luxe Lipgloss – Beat Goes On

dsc_0567-011So as I mentioned in a previous post I was on my way to putting up a NYX Lip-product review before things got in the way and postponed it however here it is! I was actually only going to buy a few of the soft-matte lip cremes however I was side-tracked ending up buying something different. I purchased one of the Wicked Lippies, an amazing vibrant mettalic range. A Lingerie Liquid Lipstick which I have been hearing people rave about forever and an Aqua Luxe Lipgloss (which I was absolutely dying to use).dsc_0570-01dsc_0600-01

The Wicked Lippies are a range of vibrant blues and greens that you wouldn’t usually see in a lipstick range. However I knew I wouldn’t be able to pull off those colours so I decided to go for Wrath, a coppery-red that reminded me of Kylie Cosmetics – Reign.
Considering this isn’t a matte the longevity of this lipstick is impressive! Although a little less metallic than I was hoping for and slightly more sheen it is still such a beautiful colour. Because it’s not a matte shade layering it to create a bit more colour is fine and doesn’t look patchy, this particular shade is slightly more orange than Reign but still an amaaaaazing dupe for it and sits a lot more comfortable on the lips than the actual Kylie Cosmetics Metal shades. I really would love the Wicked Lippie range to come out with more pink colours that have an everyday wear-ability to them.
Rate – 9/10


I’m pretty sure everyone knows about the NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick range by now and I was absolutely dying to get my hands on one. Here’s a bit of information, I didn’t do my research and accidentally ordered a shade that I really don’t like. I can admit purple isn’t my colour, it’s not a shade I would wear everyday and I was mostly looking forward to finally having an amazing everyday nude – jokes on me. However, this product is still really really good. Disregarding the colour completely – this stays on for as long as you want it to. It is really tough to remove but aren’t all liquid lipsticks?  It barely settles in the creases of your lips and gives a lovely airbrushed look. Once settled and dried it does feel comfortable on your lips for a while although as expected it gradually dries more throughout the day. The one thing I dislike about this product is the initial application, the brush (an absolute joke) is so hard to work with. What happened to a normal doe-foot applicator? Its so long and you have no control as to where you’re putting it. It takes a lot more effort than I would like to get a neat application. The formula is also very sticky during the first 3-or-so minutes so try not to close your mouth!
Rate – 7.5/10 (8 in a better colour)


The final product is my absolute favourite the Aqua Luxe Lipgloss, this product screams mermaid vibes. It is just a normal gloss infused with glitter that just adds all the sass you could possibly want! I am a gloss fan which is rare these days with the matte-lip craze and this colour is amazing. It’s just a nude pink gloss absolutely packed with gold glitter, which you can’t really see through the picture but just glimmers in the sun light. I always wear this with a light pink liner underneath just to add a bit more a pink. The applicator for this is absolutely fine, the only thing is the amount of time it lasts for is significantly less than that of the other two products. But its a lip gloss so what could I actually expect? It’s small enough to just pop in any size handbag no matter how small and re-apply throughout the day when needed. I personally love this product so much and will definitely be repurchasing it in every colour!
Rate – 9.5/10

Smoky Purple – Makeup Tutorial


What I used for this look:
Maybelline FIT ME Foundation
LA Girl Pro Concealer
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Makeup Revolution Sculpt and Contour
Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave Palette
NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in Embellishment

Lets Get Started:

I purchased some new makeup recently and felt so inspired to try out some new more daring looks other than my everyday nude makeup. In the Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave palette their are many beautiful purple/mauve shades I was dying to play with. Although the palette as a whole didn’t really please me I do love these purple shades a lot. Firstly I primed my eye with my concealer and powdered my lids with the colour ‘creme’, an amazing yellow toned matte shade. I then created a subtle creae with ‘buffer’ and ‘latte’, these two together work really well for creating more depth in your eye. One thing I struggle with is creating a prominent eye look as I have such hooded eyes, although I think using bright colours such as purples and pinks really help to make it stand out more.
After everything was blended nicely I dived into the purples. First I went subtle with ‘winning’ (ok how stupid are these names?), the lightest purple shade. I took it all over my lid and also in my crease. Then I went in for the kill with ‘Drama Queen’ an extremely pigmented dark purple matte shade, and buffed it throughout my crease and my outer corners. After blending for what felt like an hour I went back in with my crease colours to create more of a blended transition. I added a bit of sparkle with the most amazing pink/purple shimmer shade called ‘Fav0ur’ and finished off the look by smoking out my under eye with ‘drama queen’. I added a thin line of liquid eyeliner and used my all time favourite mascara the Max Factor False Lash Effect (HOLY GRAIL)!

After this I went and applied the rest of my face foundation, for a tutorial on how I create the most perfect base EVER read my ‘Photo-Ready Makeup‘ post. I contoured, highlighted and just completely transformed my face then moved onto lips. My NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick is my absolute fave formula liquid lipstick I have ever had to use, I will be doing a review on some NYX purchases soon so stay tuned! The colour ’embellishment’ is a grey toned purple. I actually purchased this colour by accident and would have much preferred more of an everyday nude, at least it challenged me to get out of my comfort zone.

And thats the end, hope you enjoyed reading this. What are your thoughts on this look? Comment below I would love to hear your oppinions and suggestions, don’t forget to follow me for regular posts! Thanks for reading. X

My 3 Favourite go-to breakfasts

Porridge with Banana, Berries, Honey and Black Coffee.

My all time favourite breakfast is porridge, I have it 5/7 mornings in the week. There are so many different things you can add to your taste to make it just how you want it. My absolute favourite thing to put in porridge is banana and some form of berry. I absolutely love porridge as it gives you a slow release of energy throughout the morning so it is perfect for an early start.
The banana is so sweet which means you don’t have to put any sugar in which is a bonus. The berries are obviously a preference but my favourite are raspberries or blueberries. Lastly I drizzle a little bit of honey over the top and serve it with my morning coffee. Recently I have been loving black coffee, its the perfect drink to give you a bit of energy in the morning.


Avocado&Scrambled Egg on Toast with Peppermint Green Tea

Avocado has become an absolute favourite of mine, throughout my holiday in Lanzarote avocado’s were less than 1 euro each so I had it every day for breakfast. I usually mush it up and make it into a spread to put on top of my toast or some times I just like to cut it into chunks. Scrambled eggs also go amazing with avocado, some people like poached however I prefer scrambled.
This is perfect for a dinner or brunch meal also, with an addition of green tea this is so good for you and tastes amazing. I personally prefer to buy the Green Tea infused with Peppermint as I found myself adding sugar to normal green tea, which kind of defeats the point of drinking it.


Nutella&Peanut Butter Waffles with Banana, Cherry and a Cup of Tea

My cupboards are always just stacked with waffles because I am a terribly unhealthy and just love them. Whenever I feel like I need something sweet I always always reach for the Nutella, my absolute favourite thing in the world. I love warming up the waffles and melting the Nutella and peanut butter on top (crunchy of course). Banana’s are also my favourite fruit (as you can probably tell) so I just add them to anything I possibly can, and i’m not gonna lie I just added the cherries for the picture, but they tasted good so who cares! Tea is my favourite hot drink in the world, my personal fave brand is Yorkshire Tea – it will never be beaten.


Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed this post. I haven’t done a food post for a while and I was very excited about posting this. Comment below your favourite breakfasts and don’t forget to follow my blog for regular updates!

[REVIEW] Makeup Revolution – Fortune Favours The Brave


Hello there guys! I feel like I haven’t done a review for a while, with saving up for my holiday I was being extremely frugal the past few months but now I can finally treat myself again. I have been craving a new eyeshadow palette for SO LONG so I decided I just had to buy this new Makeup Revolution palette seeing as though everyone is completely raving about it.

So, lets get in to it. Firstly, the packaging is lovely. For £10 it looks so much more expensive! The casing is gold and it comes with a nice big mirror on the top of it, which is always a plus. The eyeshadows their self look like an absolute dream. The mixed coloured shimmers remind me of outer space and I just love the look of it. Basically it just looks a lot more expensive than it actually is.

The first thing I did was swatch them on my arm, and that was where my first disappointment was. Everyone was raving about the pigmentation of this palette, but where is the pigmentation that was oh so amazing? Some of them are more pigmented than others, as you can see in below swatches the black is super intense, and a few of the shimmers do pick up well (especially the bronze shimmers). However I will not hold back when I describe the matte’s as awful.

I bought a Makeup Revolution palette around Xmas with 144 colours in it and I could not have been happier with the quality, it was only £8 on sale! This one is just not what I expected. The mattes really take a lot of working with to actually create any type of colour on your eye. The shimmers are lovely but as with the whole palette they are extremely powdery. Each eye shadow puts more on your face than on the eye, the fall out is insane!

In terms of blend-ability, they are very blendable with the correct brushes, so I suppose that is a plus. The darker shades are a lot better than the lighter ones, creating a smoky eye with this palette would work well if you don’t mind a pile of fall out on your under-eye.


As you can see the pigmentation just isn’t there, each colour was swatched at least twice and there just is no vibrancy. The range of colours is lovely and it looks amazing in photo’s, but the product is just not good. I am such a fan of makeup revolution, I love their highlighters and contour palettes but I feel like people are just hyping it for the sake of it now. This product is bad, I won’t be repurchasing it and i’m not sure if I will ever repurchase an eyeshadow palette from this brand again.

I am just shocked by the decrease in quality from my previous purchase, this was the fastest selling product the brand has ever released and I am thoroughly underwhelmed. I wish I liked it, but I just don’t. I will continue to use it but only to get my money’s worth.

Thankyou for reading, I feel like this was actually quite a downer of a post. However I actually felt like I needed to post a contrasting review from all the praises! Comment down below your opinion on this palette if you have it or any other M.R. products and please don’t forget to follow me for other reviews (I have a lot lined up) and styling posts. X

Ladies Day ’16 – St Stephens Style Marquee


And now for the main event – The St Stephens style marquee kicked off at 11:40am with a bang. Models graced the stage firstly in ladies-day ready outfits from Next and Lipsy. The seats where flocked from race-goers and the champagne was already flowing. With the show being streamed live on a screen throughout the racecourse everyone could enjoy it even when not in the marquee.

Next &Lipsy –

Starting with Lipsy London’s amazing formal-wear range definitely caught people’s attention from the start. They had no many amazing gowns to chose from but my absolute favourite had to be the maroon lace bodycon dress; absolutely perfect for the races or any formal event. Mens formalwear in Next was also on full form, straying away from the typical blues and blacks one model wore a tweed 3-piece suit and another rocking a camel coloured blazer and matching trousers. The sharp white shirts set off each look perfectly and drew attention to the unique pieces.

As for the 2 outfits from Next women’s the focal point was definitely prints of the season. With autumn/winter already coming into retailers colours such as mustard and khaki are making an appearance and are very prominent in Next at the minute.DSC_0090-01DSC_0080-01DSC_0093-01DSC_0096-01DSC_0085-01DSC_0100-01

USC & Select –

Moving onto USC menswear and Select prints of the season same into full play with Noel Gallaghers ‘Pretty Green’ range. The multi-coloured paisley shirt and union jack t-shirt shouted summer with the vibrant colours. Select also showed out with their prints and statement colours. My favourite look had to be the pink bomber and white high waisted jeans, but that is probably just because it suits my personal style. However other pieces were equally as eye-catching such as the daisy print playsuit paired with a bright yellow high neck top. The yellow contrasted against the monochrome perfectly, adding a pop of colour. Textures also got played around with a lot in Select with a choice of leather-look leggings from the T.O.W.I.E range.DSC_0163-01DSC_0184-01DSC_0201-01DSC_0179-01DSC_0175-01

Tesco F&F

Whilst styling outfits in the weeks leading up the shows I was pleasantly surprised by the choice in Tesco’s F&F range. Their evening wear was spectacular and definately ladies-day ready with their 60’s inspired floral a-line dress. One trend I have been loving this season has to be culottes, so when I saw denim ones I knew they would be a favourite of mine. One model also wore a monochrome striped culotte jumpsuit whereas another wore my absolute favourite piece – a rust wide-leg jumpsuit. I love the fact trousers aren’t only skinny or straight and nothing makes a statement more than wide-leg trousers.
Although menswear was considerably harder to style and lacking in the formal range, they did have an amazing array of patterned shirts and bright coloured shorts perfect for the summer weather we are currently experiencing in the UK!DSC_0240-01DSC_0225-01DSC_0236-01DSC_0243-01

Dorothy Perkins

Moving onto another retailer I would usually just walk straight by – Dorothy Perkins wowed with their new-in autumn/winter collections and summer prints. Browns, oranges and camel colours are starting to once again pop up along with some amazing 70’s geometric prints in the new collections. I am always a lover of two-pieces so I instantly fell in love with the electric blue matching bomber and trousers. The orange and black detailing was so eye-catching and reminded me of something I would perhaps find in Zara. The range from DP was perfect for accessorising with some elaborate fascinators from What-A-Hat, adding a ladies-day edge to the casual outfits.DSC_0273-01DSC_0285-01DSC_0289-01DSC_0281-01

New Look

Now onto my all time favourite high-street shop, New Look. Basically half of my wardrobe is filled with garments from New Look as they are always so affordable, on trend and versatile.  With so many different styles available in store everyone is covered! My absolute favourite outfit of the whole day was featured in the New Look segment (no surprise there). The mesh a-line midi-skirt and striped bardot top looked so glamorous and girly I fell instantly in love with it. The 50’s will always without a doubt be my favourite era for fashion, why can’t we all wear outfits like this everyday?!  The fact the skirt was also mesh added so much more the outfit, mixing unusual textures can either go wrong or right and I don’t think this could have been more right! The whole outfit was accessorised so well and I could ramble on all day about this outfit, but I won’t.
Moving onto the mens it is easy to see the prominent colours this season are definitely khakis and neutral shades. Although lacking in evening wear New Look mens is perfect for affordable, casual and trendy pieces when you just don’t want to pay Topman prices.DSC_0340-01DSC_0320-01DSC_0304-01DSC_0301-01DSC_0324-01DSC_0336-01DSC_0333-01DSC_0349-01


It seems this season peacocks has adopted a very bohemian vibe. Aztec prints, oranges and purples and fringing are just some of the details many of Peacocks garments adopted.  Their accessories were amazing, I loved the feathered necklaces and headscarfs that I have rarely seen in any other retailers this year! As much as I loved the print jumpsuit and striped high-waist trousers the mens formal-wear range was definitely the star of the show. Navy blue suit sets with shorts instead of trousers are the perfect way to attend any formal event in summer! With slight prints giving each suit a different edge from any other retailer for an absolute fraction of the price!DSC_0418-01DSC_0472-01DSC_0466-01DSC_0463-01DSC_0456-01DSC_0424-01

River Island

One of my favourite shows of the day was definitely River Island. Although it is a shop I love I rarely buy anything from there as it doesn’t really fit in with my casual every-day style and caters more to people who just love to be glamorous. The prints available in River Island are enough to add a little bit more to any outfit. An amazing embellished/fringed blazer was definitely a favourite amongst people in the crowd and backstage. One of my personal favourite outfits was a male piece with a floral short sleeved shirt paired with a pair of cream chinos and loafers. I would go for skinnies over chino’s any day of the week but this outfit just absolutely worked to well! The neutral toned colours complimented each other so well and looked amazing. Camo print has also been massive this season along with distressed denim and River Island definitely took that into account with their SS16 collection which has followed through into there newer Autumn/Winter collections.DSC_0406-01DSC_0355-01DSC_0367-01DSC_0386-01DSC_0380-01DSC_0396-01DSC_0408-01DSC_0353-01

Topshop & Topman

Finishing off the show with a bang the models stood on the stage for a last time in head-to-toe Topshop/Topman with a full tent admiring the amazing outfits. Although I am usually completely against wearing anything low-waist with a crop top the Ivy Park bralette and ankle-grazer badge jeans looked amazing! As also seen in retailers such as River Island and Zara embroidery and printing on denim is going to be such a big trend for the remainder of this year. The sunglasses available in Topshop at the moment are the absolute best on the high-street, straying away from the basic aviators and going for some extremely out there cat-eyes and metallic statement glasses! One outfit I am still contemplating buying is the silver metallic slip dress with a bright green reversible silk bomber over the top.  The look was almost futuristic and the different colours and textures worked so well together. As for males Topman is always so solid in every aspect. From a statement monochrome daisy-print shirt to a basic suit with a turtle-neck jumper there is absolutely no room for complaints when each outfit looked so fresh and put-together.DSC_0485-01DSC_0488-01DSC_0490-01DSC_0496-01DSC_0504-01DSC_0506-01DSC_0511-01

Thank you so much for taking time to read this post despite it being rather lengthy. Which outfit was your favourite? Comment down below and don’t forget to follow me for regular posts on fashion, beauty and life! X

LADIES DAY ’16 – BTS of the St Stephens Style Marquee


For those of you who don’t know what Ladies Day is let me introduce it to you. Ladies Day it is a day hosted in Beverley Race Course where you get dressed up to the 9’s and spend the day in the sun drinking Pimm’s and betting on horses. Women wear the most flamboyant yet fabulous dresses, accessorised with unique hats and fascinators and men attend in there best suits.

I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the St Stephens Style Marquee that was hosted in the middle of  the racecourse. The free fashion show took place from 11:40 to 4:25 with a consistent flow of fashion shows showcasing the best outfits St Stephens retailers had to offer. The themes consisted of Prints of the Season, Statement and Evening wear so every occasion was covered in each show. With a tight schedule between race and fashion show a team of stylists, makeup artists and hairstylists worked away backstage ensuring everything ran smoothly.

The marquee was draped in white with modern chairs set up around the stage for attenders. The whole look of the clear-roofed tent was very modern and chic, it was so white it was almost impossible to see without sunglasses. Exhibitors set up their stalls around the marquee; What-A-Hat (a Bridlington based hat-hire company) had an amazing display of bespoke hats and fascinators. Local hairstylists from DeLacy Spa also worked behind the scenes and at their stall giving discounted hair-treatments to customers as well as selling salon-quality hair styling products.

Please take a behind the scenes look at some of the photo’s I took throughout the day and keep an eye out for tomorrow’s post on the fashion show and reviewing the amazing outfits that were featured! Thank-you for reading and don’t forget to follow!DSC_0037-01DSC_0052-01DSC_0024-01DSC_0016-01DSC_0017-01DSC_0067-01DSC_0002-01DSC_0007-01DSC_0047-01DSC_0079-01DSC_0033-01DSC_0040-01DSC_0044-01DSC_0020-01DSC_0148-01DSC_0152-01DSC_0208-01DSC_0206-01DSC_0155-01DSC_0209-01DSC_0211-01

Wandering in the Woods


Being back to reality is not even bitter-sweet its just bitter, I miss being on holiday so much and i’m not really loving having to wear jackets again. However, I do love this new long-line bomber I recently picked up from New Look. I visit NewLook so many times that I know if I just wait a month or so it will probably go into a promotion and I could get it cheaper, but I just needed it now. The lightweight khaki bomber falls to just above the knee and is reminiscent to a parka. I styled it with a new dress I also bought from the Lipsy sale (I definitely need to stop buying clothes).
The dress is knitted grey with a low neck line and a slit up the right leg. I absolutely love this as I feel its perfect for a comfortable everyday dress for summer in the UK but will also be amazing in the winter to wear with some knee high boots! For shoes I threw on my high-top black converse as you can never go wrong with converse, can you? I also decided to wear my black ‘6-God’ cap which I bought from the OVO online store and my small trusty charity shop shoulder bag. Hope you enjoyed this look and post, please comment below your thoughts on don’t forget to follow! All items will be linked below X


Knitted Dress
Khaki Longline Bomber-
High-Top Converse
Black 6-God Cap (similar)
Bag (similar)


Exploring Playa Blanca


From where i’m staying the beach is only a short 10 minute walk away, although it seems quite unbearable in the heat. The sand is completely golden (yet to hot to stand on) and I have never seen a bluer sea. Small fish swim across you even in the shallower parts of the sea and I will admit I kind of freaked out when I saw one the size of my forearm. Running across the both sides of the beach were large rocks that you could walk on until you reached the end. I got half way and had to go back because i’m really not the rock climbing type.

Walking a bit further on there was a set of stairs that went down to a rocky cove with small pools of water. The waves where really running towards the rocks really hard and splashed against them with more force than they were on the beach. Me and my sister then went back up the stairs to buy an ice cream each – coconut and banana for me and ‘candy balls’ and raspberry for her – then slowly made our way back to the beach where we relaxed for a while before going back to the apartment.

Comment below your thoughts on this post and other Lanzarote based posts, I have a few in mind for the coming week but I would love to hear your suggestions. Thanks for reading and please don’t forget to follow to keep updated with my other posts xtumblr_oa7lyvMTwf1tcxrzko1_1280tumblr_oa7lyvMTwf1tcxrzko3_1280tumblr_oa7lm1WZcT1tcxrzko10_1280tumblr_oa7lyvMTwf1tcxrzko6_1280tumblr_oa7lm1WZcT1tcxrzko8_1280tumblr_oa7lyvMTwf1tcxrzko4_1280DSC_0176tumblr_oa7lyvMTwf1tcxrzko2_1280tumblr_oa7lyvMTwf1tcxrzko5_1280tumblr_oa7lyvMTwf1tcxrzko7_1280DSC_0110