[REVIEW] Makeup Revolution – Fortune Favours The Brave


Hello there guys! I feel like I haven’t done a review for a while, with saving up for my holiday I was being extremely frugal the past few months but now I can finally treat myself again. I have been craving a new eyeshadow palette for SO LONG so I decided I just had to buy this new Makeup Revolution palette seeing as though everyone is completely raving about it.

So, lets get in to it. Firstly, the packaging is lovely. For £10 it looks so much more expensive! The casing is gold and it comes with a nice big mirror on the top of it, which is always a plus. The eyeshadows their self look like an absolute dream. The mixed coloured shimmers remind me of outer space and I just love the look of it. Basically it just looks a lot more expensive than it actually is.

The first thing I did was swatch them on my arm, and that was where my first disappointment was. Everyone was raving about the pigmentation of this palette, but where is the pigmentation that was oh so amazing? Some of them are more pigmented than others, as you can see in below swatches the black is super intense, and a few of the shimmers do pick up well (especially the bronze shimmers). However I will not hold back when I describe the matte’s as awful.

I bought a Makeup Revolution palette around Xmas with 144 colours in it and I could not have been happier with the quality, it was only £8 on sale! This one is just not what I expected. The mattes really take a lot of working with to actually create any type of colour on your eye. The shimmers are lovely but as with the whole palette they are extremely powdery. Each eye shadow puts more on your face than on the eye, the fall out is insane!

In terms of blend-ability, they are very blendable with the correct brushes, so I suppose that is a plus. The darker shades are a lot better than the lighter ones, creating a smoky eye with this palette would work well if you don’t mind a pile of fall out on your under-eye.


As you can see the pigmentation just isn’t there, each colour was swatched at least twice and there just is no vibrancy. The range of colours is lovely and it looks amazing in photo’s, but the product is just not good. I am such a fan of makeup revolution, I love their highlighters and contour palettes but I feel like people are just hyping it for the sake of it now. This product is bad, I won’t be repurchasing it and i’m not sure if I will ever repurchase an eyeshadow palette from this brand again.

I am just shocked by the decrease in quality from my previous purchase, this was the fastest selling product the brand has ever released and I am thoroughly underwhelmed. I wish I liked it, but I just don’t. I will continue to use it but only to get my money’s worth.

Thankyou for reading, I feel like this was actually quite a downer of a post. However I actually felt like I needed to post a contrasting review from all the praises! Comment down below your opinion on this palette if you have it or any other M.R. products and please don’t forget to follow me for other reviews (I have a lot lined up) and styling posts. X

Ladies Day ’16 – St Stephens Style Marquee


And now for the main event – The St Stephens style marquee kicked off at 11:40am with a bang. Models graced the stage firstly in ladies-day ready outfits from Next and Lipsy. The seats where flocked from race-goers and the champagne was already flowing. With the show being streamed live on a screen throughout the racecourse everyone could enjoy it even when not in the marquee.

Next &Lipsy –

Starting with Lipsy London’s amazing formal-wear range definitely caught people’s attention from the start. They had no many amazing gowns to chose from but my absolute favourite had to be the maroon lace bodycon dress; absolutely perfect for the races or any formal event. Mens formalwear in Next was also on full form, straying away from the typical blues and blacks one model wore a tweed 3-piece suit and another rocking a camel coloured blazer and matching trousers. The sharp white shirts set off each look perfectly and drew attention to the unique pieces.

As for the 2 outfits from Next women’s the focal point was definitely prints of the season. With autumn/winter already coming into retailers colours such as mustard and khaki are making an appearance and are very prominent in Next at the minute.DSC_0090-01DSC_0080-01DSC_0093-01DSC_0096-01DSC_0085-01DSC_0100-01

USC & Select –

Moving onto USC menswear and Select prints of the season same into full play with Noel Gallaghers ‘Pretty Green’ range. The multi-coloured paisley shirt and union jack t-shirt shouted summer with the vibrant colours. Select also showed out with their prints and statement colours. My favourite look had to be the pink bomber and white high waisted jeans, but that is probably just because it suits my personal style. However other pieces were equally as eye-catching such as the daisy print playsuit paired with a bright yellow high neck top. The yellow contrasted against the monochrome perfectly, adding a pop of colour. Textures also got played around with a lot in Select with a choice of leather-look leggings from the T.O.W.I.E range.DSC_0163-01DSC_0184-01DSC_0201-01DSC_0179-01DSC_0175-01

Tesco F&F

Whilst styling outfits in the weeks leading up the shows I was pleasantly surprised by the choice in Tesco’s F&F range. Their evening wear was spectacular and definately ladies-day ready with their 60’s inspired floral a-line dress. One trend I have been loving this season has to be culottes, so when I saw denim ones I knew they would be a favourite of mine. One model also wore a monochrome striped culotte jumpsuit whereas another wore my absolute favourite piece – a rust wide-leg jumpsuit. I love the fact trousers aren’t only skinny or straight and nothing makes a statement more than wide-leg trousers.
Although menswear was considerably harder to style and lacking in the formal range, they did have an amazing array of patterned shirts and bright coloured shorts perfect for the summer weather we are currently experiencing in the UK!DSC_0240-01DSC_0225-01DSC_0236-01DSC_0243-01

Dorothy Perkins

Moving onto another retailer I would usually just walk straight by – Dorothy Perkins wowed with their new-in autumn/winter collections and summer prints. Browns, oranges and camel colours are starting to once again pop up along with some amazing 70’s geometric prints in the new collections. I am always a lover of two-pieces so I instantly fell in love with the electric blue matching bomber and trousers. The orange and black detailing was so eye-catching and reminded me of something I would perhaps find in Zara. The range from DP was perfect for accessorising with some elaborate fascinators from What-A-Hat, adding a ladies-day edge to the casual outfits.DSC_0273-01DSC_0285-01DSC_0289-01DSC_0281-01

New Look

Now onto my all time favourite high-street shop, New Look. Basically half of my wardrobe is filled with garments from New Look as they are always so affordable, on trend and versatile.  With so many different styles available in store everyone is covered! My absolute favourite outfit of the whole day was featured in the New Look segment (no surprise there). The mesh a-line midi-skirt and striped bardot top looked so glamorous and girly I fell instantly in love with it. The 50’s will always without a doubt be my favourite era for fashion, why can’t we all wear outfits like this everyday?!  The fact the skirt was also mesh added so much more the outfit, mixing unusual textures can either go wrong or right and I don’t think this could have been more right! The whole outfit was accessorised so well and I could ramble on all day about this outfit, but I won’t.
Moving onto the mens it is easy to see the prominent colours this season are definitely khakis and neutral shades. Although lacking in evening wear New Look mens is perfect for affordable, casual and trendy pieces when you just don’t want to pay Topman prices.DSC_0340-01DSC_0320-01DSC_0304-01DSC_0301-01DSC_0324-01DSC_0336-01DSC_0333-01DSC_0349-01


It seems this season peacocks has adopted a very bohemian vibe. Aztec prints, oranges and purples and fringing are just some of the details many of Peacocks garments adopted.  Their accessories were amazing, I loved the feathered necklaces and headscarfs that I have rarely seen in any other retailers this year! As much as I loved the print jumpsuit and striped high-waist trousers the mens formal-wear range was definitely the star of the show. Navy blue suit sets with shorts instead of trousers are the perfect way to attend any formal event in summer! With slight prints giving each suit a different edge from any other retailer for an absolute fraction of the price!DSC_0418-01DSC_0472-01DSC_0466-01DSC_0463-01DSC_0456-01DSC_0424-01

River Island

One of my favourite shows of the day was definitely River Island. Although it is a shop I love I rarely buy anything from there as it doesn’t really fit in with my casual every-day style and caters more to people who just love to be glamorous. The prints available in River Island are enough to add a little bit more to any outfit. An amazing embellished/fringed blazer was definitely a favourite amongst people in the crowd and backstage. One of my personal favourite outfits was a male piece with a floral short sleeved shirt paired with a pair of cream chinos and loafers. I would go for skinnies over chino’s any day of the week but this outfit just absolutely worked to well! The neutral toned colours complimented each other so well and looked amazing. Camo print has also been massive this season along with distressed denim and River Island definitely took that into account with their SS16 collection which has followed through into there newer Autumn/Winter collections.DSC_0406-01DSC_0355-01DSC_0367-01DSC_0386-01DSC_0380-01DSC_0396-01DSC_0408-01DSC_0353-01

Topshop & Topman

Finishing off the show with a bang the models stood on the stage for a last time in head-to-toe Topshop/Topman with a full tent admiring the amazing outfits. Although I am usually completely against wearing anything low-waist with a crop top the Ivy Park bralette and ankle-grazer badge jeans looked amazing! As also seen in retailers such as River Island and Zara embroidery and printing on denim is going to be such a big trend for the remainder of this year. The sunglasses available in Topshop at the moment are the absolute best on the high-street, straying away from the basic aviators and going for some extremely out there cat-eyes and metallic statement glasses! One outfit I am still contemplating buying is the silver metallic slip dress with a bright green reversible silk bomber over the top.  The look was almost futuristic and the different colours and textures worked so well together. As for males Topman is always so solid in every aspect. From a statement monochrome daisy-print shirt to a basic suit with a turtle-neck jumper there is absolutely no room for complaints when each outfit looked so fresh and put-together.DSC_0485-01DSC_0488-01DSC_0490-01DSC_0496-01DSC_0504-01DSC_0506-01DSC_0511-01

Thank you so much for taking time to read this post despite it being rather lengthy. Which outfit was your favourite? Comment down below and don’t forget to follow me for regular posts on fashion, beauty and life! X

LADIES DAY ’16 – BTS of the St Stephens Style Marquee


For those of you who don’t know what Ladies Day is let me introduce it to you. Ladies Day it is a day hosted in Beverley Race Course where you get dressed up to the 9’s and spend the day in the sun drinking Pimm’s and betting on horses. Women wear the most flamboyant yet fabulous dresses, accessorised with unique hats and fascinators and men attend in there best suits.

I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the St Stephens Style Marquee that was hosted in the middle of  the racecourse. The free fashion show took place from 11:40 to 4:25 with a consistent flow of fashion shows showcasing the best outfits St Stephens retailers had to offer. The themes consisted of Prints of the Season, Statement and Evening wear so every occasion was covered in each show. With a tight schedule between race and fashion show a team of stylists, makeup artists and hairstylists worked away backstage ensuring everything ran smoothly.

The marquee was draped in white with modern chairs set up around the stage for attenders. The whole look of the clear-roofed tent was very modern and chic, it was so white it was almost impossible to see without sunglasses. Exhibitors set up their stalls around the marquee; What-A-Hat (a Bridlington based hat-hire company) had an amazing display of bespoke hats and fascinators. Local hairstylists from DeLacy Spa also worked behind the scenes and at their stall giving discounted hair-treatments to customers as well as selling salon-quality hair styling products.

Please take a behind the scenes look at some of the photo’s I took throughout the day and keep an eye out for tomorrow’s post on the fashion show and reviewing the amazing outfits that were featured! Thank-you for reading and don’t forget to follow!DSC_0037-01DSC_0052-01DSC_0024-01DSC_0016-01DSC_0017-01DSC_0067-01DSC_0002-01DSC_0007-01DSC_0047-01DSC_0079-01DSC_0033-01DSC_0040-01DSC_0044-01DSC_0020-01DSC_0148-01DSC_0152-01DSC_0208-01DSC_0206-01DSC_0155-01DSC_0209-01DSC_0211-01

Wandering in the Woods


Being back to reality is not even bitter-sweet its just bitter, I miss being on holiday so much and i’m not really loving having to wear jackets again. However, I do love this new long-line bomber I recently picked up from New Look. I visit NewLook so many times that I know if I just wait a month or so it will probably go into a promotion and I could get it cheaper, but I just needed it now. The lightweight khaki bomber falls to just above the knee and is reminiscent to a parka. I styled it with a new dress I also bought from the Lipsy sale (I definitely need to stop buying clothes).
The dress is knitted grey with a low neck line and a slit up the right leg. I absolutely love this as I feel its perfect for a comfortable everyday dress for summer in the UK but will also be amazing in the winter to wear with some knee high boots! For shoes I threw on my high-top black converse as you can never go wrong with converse, can you? I also decided to wear my black ‘6-God’ cap which I bought from the OVO online store and my small trusty charity shop shoulder bag. Hope you enjoyed this look and post, please comment below your thoughts on don’t forget to follow! All items will be linked below X


Knitted Dress
Khaki Longline Bomber-
High-Top Converse
Black 6-God Cap (similar)
Bag (similar)


Exploring Playa Blanca


From where i’m staying the beach is only a short 10 minute walk away, although it seems quite unbearable in the heat. The sand is completely golden (yet to hot to stand on) and I have never seen a bluer sea. Small fish swim across you even in the shallower parts of the sea and I will admit I kind of freaked out when I saw one the size of my forearm. Running across the both sides of the beach were large rocks that you could walk on until you reached the end. I got half way and had to go back because i’m really not the rock climbing type.

Walking a bit further on there was a set of stairs that went down to a rocky cove with small pools of water. The waves where really running towards the rocks really hard and splashed against them with more force than they were on the beach. Me and my sister then went back up the stairs to buy an ice cream each – coconut and banana for me and ‘candy balls’ and raspberry for her – then slowly made our way back to the beach where we relaxed for a while before going back to the apartment.

Comment below your thoughts on this post and other Lanzarote based posts, I have a few in mind for the coming week but I would love to hear your suggestions. Thanks for reading and please don’t forget to follow to keep updated with my other posts xtumblr_oa7lyvMTwf1tcxrzko1_1280tumblr_oa7lyvMTwf1tcxrzko3_1280tumblr_oa7lm1WZcT1tcxrzko10_1280tumblr_oa7lyvMTwf1tcxrzko6_1280tumblr_oa7lm1WZcT1tcxrzko8_1280tumblr_oa7lyvMTwf1tcxrzko4_1280DSC_0176tumblr_oa7lyvMTwf1tcxrzko2_1280tumblr_oa7lyvMTwf1tcxrzko5_1280tumblr_oa7lyvMTwf1tcxrzko7_1280DSC_0110

First Day in Lanzarote


So I am currently on holiday in Lanzarote, and other than relaxing by the pool I found this the perfect opportunity to grace my blog with some beautiful photo’s of Playa Blanca. So I’m currently writing this post sat in the outdoor lounge area of my apartment complex with a kiwi smoothie.

Before I arrived I was so apprehensive of the weather, all I had been told about was constant winds and over-cast clouds. Today neither is apparent, the slight breeze from Marina Rubicon actually is quite refreshing when you are sat in 30 degree heat. The Pueblo Marinero apartments where I am staying are located right on top of the marina with a string of bars and places to eat, whilst the actual strip of Playa Blanca is 20 minutes walk. My initial thoughts of this particular section of Lanzarote is that it is very peaceful, relaxed and expensive.

I was walking for an hour trying to find a shop that sold some sunglasses (who forgets to take sunglasses on holiday?) that weren’t Michael Korrs or Prada and cost less than £140. There is no strip of cheap shops that sell fake Ray-Bans and Converse. Instead there is four ‘Fund Grube’ shops within five minutes of each-other that sell’s Versace Denim and Guess bags for over £160 each. The actual strip of Playa Blanca is less expensive but only seems to consist of diving-equipment shops.

Overall however, it is a really beautiful place. It has so many little quirks to it, the quaint ice-cream carts set up along the walk, the rocks literally stuck on top of each-other to create something pleasing to the eye whilst walking along. I particularly loved the build-up of wood and rocks that create ‘Freddys Cat Kingdom’ for the stray cats that wander along (even though I absolutely hate cats, it’s a cute concept). I really look forward to exploring more and posting more content on my blog! Has anyone reading ever visited Playa Blanca? Recommend me things to do and places to go below, or just comment your thoughts on the post. Thankyou so much for reading, please follow to keep posted on my holiday posts for the next two weeks. X


Double Denim


My first Saturday off in who knows how long had to be a gloomy one didn’t it? It’s just how the world works. I love layering though so i’m not complaining.
Denim has been such a trend just recently but what I love most about this outfit it is probably something I will look back on in a couple of years time and think “what the hell am I wearing?” but right now, I was absolutely feeling the double denim vibes so I just went with it.
The jacket and jeans are similar blue tones which is why I think they work so well together. The distressing of the denim really gives this outfit a more edgy look so I paired it with an oversized white knit/crochet top with detailing to balance it out and make it look more feminine.
All items (or those that are similar) are listed below :
Jacket – Zara (similar here)
Top – Charity Shop (similar here)
Jeans – Topshop
Sandals – ASOS
Bag – Missguided (similar here)
Sunglasses – Primark (similar here)
Lipstick – MAC Taupe

Hope you enjoyed this post, please comment your thoughts below and dont forget to follow! Thankyou so much for reading. x

Spring Shimmers – Makeup


What I used for this look:
Makeup Revolution Ultra Flawless 2 Eyeshadow Pallet
Makeup Revolution Sculpt and Contour Kit
Maybelline Master Ink Liquid Eyeliner
Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream – Athens
L’Oreal Infallible 24hr Stay Foundation
Kylie Lip Kit Metallic – Heir
L’Oreal Infallible Setting Spray
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Lets Get Started:

I firstly primed my face with Nivea moisturiser and started with my base makeup. I applied a layer of my Infallible 24hr Stay foundation and left that to sit whilst I applied my eye makeup. Tip: applying eye-shadow before concealer allows you to wipe away any dropped eye-shadow from underneath your eye!
I firstly set my whole eye with the lightest colour in my eyeshadow pallet and moved onto the crease. I took three matte shades of brown, going from light to dark to define my crease and create a transition colour. I ensured the outer corner of my eyes had the darkest shade as this helps almost “create a new crease” for my hooded eyes, allowing me to apply more product to the other sections! Once I had blended all of my shades together I moved onto the pop of pink. Taking time blending in your crease is crucial as this can really make or break your whole look, so spend time allowing all the colours to merge together nicely. I primed my eye with some concealer (who needs an eyeshadow primer?!) and applied the top right salmony pink colour to my eyelid. I then applied the pink-shimmer over the top of it, the concealer helped the shimmer shadows to appear more pigmented and stay on my eye lid longer. I then took a white-shimmer and applied it to the inner corner of my eyes, this opens up my eyes and make them appear larger. I then blended the whole of the eye together and applied more transition colours to the crease so everything blended together well.

Once I was certain my upper eyelid was done I applied a thin stroke of eyeliner on my lash-line and moved onto the rest of my base. Using my holy grail concealer the Collection Lasting Perfection I covered my dark circles and set with a loose powder. Whilst “baking” the powder under my eyes I filled in my brows and contoured with my Makeup Revolution Sculpt and Contour Kit. I packed on the highlighter on my cheek bones, the bridge of my nose and my cupids bow for an extra shimmery look! I then set everything with my Infallible Fixing Mist Setting Spray, which btw is a product hand-crafted by angels and sent from heaven.
Using a light brown and the salmon shade I applied a small amount underneath my eye and finished the eye-makeup off with some mascara on both the upper and lower lashes. Lastly I moved onto lips, after moisturising and exfoliating my lips (essential when wearing matte lipstick) I applied my faaaaaave Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Athens then over the top I used Kylie Jenners Metallic Lip Kit in the colour Heir. This is a gorgeous salmon toned pink with golden shimmers, which was perfect to match the eyeshadow.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed this look.Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone once in a while with makeup, its fun and might even look okay! Experiment with colours and have fun with it. Comment below your thoughts on this post and please don’t forget to follow. X

Velvet Embellishment


Hellooooo, I am so happy to be doing another outfit post on my blog! Recently I have been feeling so uninspired, quite sick of doing little “review posts” and basically just posting anything I can. I really want to take my time and create some amazing posts for this blog and not just post little fob-off’s for the sake of it. I originally created this blog for styling photo’s and fashion posts so that is what i’m going to be centring it around for the most parts.

So basically this post is a giant charity shop appreciation post, because almost everything I am wearing is actually from a charity shop. I went on a giant trail around Hull a few days ago and visited around 15 minimum charity shops. I just love going through the rails to find some little hidden gem’s amongst the rest of the stuff that looks like its come from 2003 Britney Spears closet.

The top I am wearing I fell in love at first sight with. Originally from Dorothy Perkins the cream 3/4 sleeve blouse is literally a dream. I love the victorian-esque detailing it has, especially the lace down the front panel and on the shoulders. The ruffled sleeves make this so flattering and it actually has the same thing on the bottom of the top, but I decided to tuck it in. I bought this for £1….yeah A POUND. One. Pound. I can’t actually believe it still. The shorts are also from an Age UK charity shop I was mooching around in Hessle Square. These were brand new from Mango, with all tags still attached showing the retail price of £39.99! They are crushed velvet and I just fell in love with the gold and red floral detailing These are a size 8 and run slightly big on me, but who can complain for a fiver? These will be absolutely perfect for every season as they look just as good without tights as they do with.

The waist coat is from Select last year, so although it wasn’t a charity shop buy it was still a bargain. I loved the length of it and it looked so much like my black duster coat, just sleeveless so it is perfect to throw on in summer for some extra layering. For shoes I wore some patent leather monk-shoes from T K Maxx which I have owned for years and are so timeless. I feel like they are an edgier alternative to the brogues or loafers and I love the pointed-toe on mine.

The bag was also a charity shop buy some time ago and I think i’ve probably featured it in a post before in winter, although its small its perfect to throw in the essentials and be done with it – car keys, phone, purse and water bottle. I lastly accessorised this outfit with a couple of rings and a dainty bracelet from Primark.

What are your thoughts on charity shops, does anyone else love finding little bargains?! Comment below if you liked this look and don’t forget to follow me, it would mean a lot! See you soon xSign

BTS St Stephens Spring/Summer16 Campaign Shoot

header st

Hello everyone! So in case no one knew I am from the glorious Hull. A few of the things we have to be proud of is our main shopping center, St Stephens. Home to all of our high-street brands and shops. I was kindly asked to come along for a photo-shoot for their spring/summer ’16 collection this year and get some behind the scenes photo’s. All parties will be credited at the bottom of this post but for now we will get into the outfits.



Model – Brad Skelly

The first outfits were styled from items found at USC Fashion (www.usc.co.uk) a brand shop owned by the same chain as Van Mildert, its just a bit more affordable. The personally think the brand Firetrap is perfect for older men. The light-wash straight leg jeans are the perfect contrast to the dark toned t-shirt. I love the cool toned colours Firetrap’s Spring/Summer collection has adopted to add more of a grunge vibe to their pieces. The shoes added a casual vibe to the outfit and the shirt could be thrown over either the vest or the t-shirt as a layering piece.


Model – Ashley Ienco

Really giving a feel for summer was the Calvin Klein collection also sold at USC. The bright blue swim shorts are an absolute best seller at USC this summer as they just scream holiday at you. Sliders are so on trend this year and with the printed ‘CALVIN KLEIN’ you can’t miss what brand you are wearing. This outfit sets USC’s demographic to a younger audience as opposed to the Firetrap and is the perfect throw-on and go to the beach outfit for any 2016 holidays.



Model – Yvie McCormick

Although Hull lacks a Victoria’s secret Boux Avenue provides some amazing affordable nightwear. This embroidered pyjama set is so beautifully detailed I kind of wish I could wear it outside. One of my favourite parts about the styling here is the hair. The messy braid intertwined with flowers adds such an innocent and dainty feel to these photos. These  kind of remind me of a small fairy prancing through a garden filled with blossoms on a spring day, or am I just crazy?



Model – Yvie McCormick

Next is usually a shop  I would just walk by without second guessing but I really like the outfit styled here. It’s probably the largest shop in the shopping center as it neighbours with Lipsy. The white embroidered dress is such a great spring/summer piece. I usually aren’t a fan of long sleeved dresses but the sheer material gives an elegant but effortless look. White is always a perfect colour to bring out a tan on holiday, pairing the dress with red shoes added a pop of colour to the outfit. The embellished aztek print clutch added a bohemian vibe to the outfit but a structured red clutch could have given it more of an evening look.


Topman is a favourite in every shopping center, providing basically every trend necessary for men. Going for a casual look the stylists paired a simple pair of jogger shorts with a black tee and matching black Flossy’s. For a comfortable and effortlessly stylish look, the grey backpack added to the monochrome look.


My personal favourite look of the day was also styled from Topman with more on an on-trend edge to it. The grey jogger shorts were traded for a pair of black skinnies and layered with a distressed grey sweatshirt. I love the distressed trend and think this is an amazing Yeezy Season dupe for those who can’t (or just wont) spend £100’s on a ripped jumper. I love the accessories used on this look and think a pair of high top black converse would really work with this outfit. Although to me this is not a ‘Spring/Summer’ piece I absolutely love the jumper and actually went and bought it straight after I left.


New Look men has really gone all out this summer with their menswear. Denim shorts and loafers are so on trend and pairing it with a button up shirt. The print on the shirt is the perfect contrast to the pure white shorts. This outfit is quite formal and could be used for an event, and with New Look prices how could you complain? I never really rated New Look mens until now, I definitely think their SS16 collection is perfect to challenge Topman!


How great could an outfit from Peacocks be? Its peacocks! I was actually pleasantly surprised that this two-peice suit was styled from their! I have never seen a set of shirts paired with a blazer before, but it worked. The pink shirt was subtle and looked almost as though it was once white but washed with a pair of red socks. The colours meshed together really well and complimented the brown brogues well. I also love the subtle detail of the Hugo Boss watch that really gave the outfit a pulled together look.tumblr_o8bg8qRFhk1tcxrzko3_1280tumblr_o8bg8qRFhk1tcxrzko5_1280tumblr_o8bg8qRFhk1tcxrzko4_1280tumblr_o8bg8qRFhk1tcxrzko2_1280

The Ariana Grande for Lipsy collection is sold at the Hull St Stephens shop and I absolutely love the 60’s vibe these photo’s gave. The hair really resembled Ariana whilst the bold pink lip and winged liner really gave a new look to the monochrome two-piece. I love the fact the shoes were a subtle black heel but had a platform really adding to the vintage element of this outfit. The bracelet shown is a Swarovski crystal bracelet, I love how dainty and elegant it is not really distracting anything away from the already slightly busy outfit.


The black ruffle prom dress from Ariana’s Lipsy collection is my personal favourite out of the two dresses featured. I love how gothic it looks opposed to the other more girly outfit. The V-neck add’s a slightly revealing element to the dress whilst the ruffling skirt keeps it looking classy and really pretty. I think the models fair skin tone really compliments this dress and a deep-plum lip would have looked amazing with this outfit.


The final outfit I got to see before my camera died was styled from River Island. White is such a crisp colour for spring/summer and these jeans from River Island are perfect. Printed shirts and something River Island is really excelling in this spring/summer with amazing Japanese designs and leaf prints. They remind me of a ‘dad-shirt’ if you know what I mean, but about 10x better with less yellows and reds.


Experiences like these are my favourite to post on my blog, it really is something different to my usual reviews etc. This post took me about 4 hours in total to edit together and write, as well as stringing through 450 photo’s to find the final 50.  Comment below on your thoughts of this post and the outfits! Hope you enjoyed reading or just browsing the photo’s


I would just like to credit –
STASH Agency – shooting the Spring/Summer Campaign for St Stephens
Photographer for the campaign – Andy Houghton
All outfits styled by – Paige Newton & James Ash
Hair and Makeup by – De Lacy Hair & Beauty – Located in Beverley.
Shoot Location – Insight Photography Studio – Located in Hessle.